About Nordic Batik

Nordic Batik , An Inspiration of Nordic's Nature combining the Asian traditional wax art known as Batik. 
Founded by Feliciazoe Bjerknes
as she first started out painting Batiks as a gift.
However then she found her passion and love in it and painted more pieces
relating to the travel experiences she had been through.
Her passion for art pushes her to sell her paintings to the world spreading both the beauty of Nordic region and the Asian culture.

Majority of our Batiks main frames are of Round shapes and this is because we 
realized how unique these shapes are and very much convenient to place
 it as a hanging decoration by the window. 

With the back of sunlight, this piece of art
 changes the colours in the day and then later at night.

The light shining through gives a 
transparent look lightening the colours of the artpieces.

We also do custom made Batik for Brand logos or even 
portrait sketch / threshold images for special occasions.
Other than that, a special request can be made to conduct a Batik class by Feliciazoe.

For more info, Contact at : feliciazoe@live.com or +47 40098588
Add our FB at - Nordic Batik 


View here to see our Painting process.